Luc Vertommen & BBU record `Tilbury Point’

Over the last two weeks Brass Band Buizingen under the direction of Luc Vertommen have been recording two discs of my recent brass band music. Works to be featured in this collection are `Swift Severn’s Flood’, `Earthrise’, `The City in the Sea’ a Euphonium Concerto with Glenn Van Looy as soloist,  my new Cornet Concerto`Mysteries of the Horizon’ with Harmen Vanhoorne as soloist, a short portrait overture entitled `Tilbury Point’ and a new large scale work written last year for BBU entitled `When Worlds Collide’.  For each work on the disc I have commissioned an original piece of poetry by the Brussels based poet Martin Westlake, with the exception of `Swift Severn’s Flood’, which has as its starting point William Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part 1. As well as the high calibre musicianship of Luc Vertommen and BBU, the poetry is dramatised by the voice of Frank Renton. I would like to give a special mention to Luc Vertommen for his support, encouragement and enthusiasm in recording all of these works. This double CD collection will be dedicated to the memory of the late James Watson who was a great inspiration to me when first writing for brass band.

Frank Renton interviews Luc Vertommen, Harmen Vanhoorne, Glenn Van Looy and Nigel Clarke on the new soon to be released Double CD of Nigel Clarke’s brass band music and Martin Westlake’s accompanying poetry with Brass Band Buizingen. (Below)

A short clip from the middle of Nigel Clarke’s  `When Worlds Collide’ taken from a recording session with Luc Vertommen and Brass Band Buizingen. (Below)

A second short clip from the middle section of Nigel Clarke’s  `When Worlds Collide’ taken from a recording session with Luc Vertommen and BBU. (Below)

A short clip of Luc Vertommen recording and rehearsing Nigel Clarke’s portrait overture `Tilbury Point’ with Brass Band Buizingen (05/03/13). (Below)

 Frank Renton reading `The City in the Sea’ by Brussels based poet Martin Westlake (Below)

Here is a short clip of Glenn Van Looy recording Nigel Clarke’s Euphonium Concerto `The City in the Sea’ with BBU under the direction of Luc Vertommen. (Below)