`Earthrise’ has been chosen by the Suisse Association of Brass Bands to be on the own-choice  test piece list (championship section), for the 37th Competition for Swiss Brass Bands in Morceaux on 26th & 27th November 2011. Nigel is hoping to attend this competition.


morceau à choix

HARMONY MUSIC Philip Sparke (GB)
(Studio music)
31 342 feets
Audivi Media Nocte
Dove Descending
Earthrise (Studio music)
Extreme Make-Over
From Ancient Times
Music of the Spheres
On the shoulders of giants
Ludovic Neurohr
Oliver Waespi
Philip Wilby
Nigel Clarke
Johan de Meji
Jan Van der Roost
Philip Wilby
Philip Sparke
Peter Graham

Earthrise is published by Studio Music Company Series: Major Work / Code: M-9a 050-08694

For more information about the competition and other lower section test pieces go to: Suisse Association of Brass Bands