Nigel’s latest work for brass band will be premiered by Brass Band Buizingen in the 4th Flemish Open Brass Band Championshipson 14th April in Mechelen, Belgium.

Composer’s Note: `When Worlds Collide´ seeks to recreate the atmosphere and sentiment of the American cult Sci-Fi movies of the 1950’s such as Robert Wise’s 1951 film `The day the Earth Stood Still’ and `Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ directed by Don Siegel in 1956, as well as Rudolph Maté’s 1951 film `When Worlds Collide’.

`When Worlds Collide´ is programmatic with subtitled sub-sections:

1. Crop Circles – 2. Lights in the Sky – 3. Strange Happenings – 4. Sightings – 5. “We Come In Peace” – 6. Alien Abduction – 7. Analysis of the Earthlings –
8. Teleportation – 9. New Understandings – 10. Visions of Far Off Worlds – 11. Colonisation!