Nigel’s latest brass band work `When Worlds Collide’ has been nominated on the website as test piece of the year amongst stiff competition! To vote on the website for this work or others in this category  go to: VOTE  You have up until 12.00pm on the 6th January to register your votes.

Nigel received two stunning performances over the last year from both Brassband Buizingen (Belgium) who came first in their National Championships and Ensemble de Cuivres Jurassien (Swissland) who came fourth! To read, see and hear more about `When Worlds Collide’ go to an article on Nigel’s website entitled `A Weekend of Tears and Triumph’ says:

When Worlds Collide – or ‘Little Green Men in Intergalactic Spaceships with Ray guns and Phasers’
Nigel Clarke, Flemish Open, Belgian National, Swiss National Championship

Forget the title for a minute: This remarkable work is a fascinating exploration of individual creativity and imagination – with the emphasis on the bands and their MDs to find it.

Inspired by a combination of Stravinsky’s ‘Rite of Spring’ and a hundred Sci-fi B Movies of the 1950s it crackles with inventiveness – from the use of ray guns and harmonic whirlies to intimately structured sections of delicacy and rich musicality.

It is the most brilliant antidote to conservatism in all its stiflingly prescriptive forms.