The Music of Nigel ClarkeI am thrilled that my double CD `When Worlds Collide’ has won 4barsrest  2013 CD of the year! 4barsrest is Europe’s leading Brass Band web and blog site. The result was by readers ballot. I would like to give a big thank you to, Luc Vertommen, Brass Band Buizingen, Harmen Vanhoorne, Glen Van Looy, Frank Renton, Martin Westlake and all those involved in this stellar recording project.

Here is what 4barsrest went on to say:

4barsrest-logoWe thought it was perhaps the most distinctive and thought provoking release of the entire year – and so did you, as Brass Band Buizingen’s wonderful release of the music of Nigel Clarke became ‘CD of the Year’. 

It’s always difficult to know just how many people who voted actually bought the nominated CDs themselves, but it seems plenty of people must have heard them in some way or another as the votes stacked up in piles.

The amazing mix of styles, inspirations and playing on the release was a real eye opener and bagged 25.6% of the votes cast – just ahead of Cory’s superb ‘Words and Music’ in second place with 23.9% and Black Dyke’s Philip Wilby ‘Tribute’ with 21.3%.

Notable mentions for Dyke’s ‘The Music of Edward Gregson’, Foden’s ‘Patrons VI’, Dyke’s ‘Electra’, ‘Brass Blot’ from Stavanger, Black Dyke’s ‘Gold’, Cory ‘In Concert’amongst others as well as the excellent David Childs ‘Masterclass’ DVD.  

There were also a couple of possible 2014 contenders with Tredegar’s ‘Travels’ and Manger’s ‘Mangernetisk’ who also packed in the voters.