IMG_0468**** Congratulations (!!!) to all the musicians involved in the Composition Workshop organised by Metal over the weekend ***

I recently led a┬ácomposition workshop for the respected Liverpool arts organisation`METAL’ with talented young musicians from local schools. I am always stunned by the creativity that flows from the young – but this was on a whole new higher level of achievement! The workshops took place at`Metal’s’ (extraordinary) HQ centred at Edge Hill train station!! I hope in the next few days to be able to post some of their work up for you to see and listen to. A big thank you to Metal’s Jenny Porter and composer Bill Connor for their help throughout the day and making the event such a huge success.




Metal’s’ (extraordinary) HQ centred at Edge Hill train station!!


Here are the two wonderfully creative results that the young musicians from local schools in Liverpool came up with after a day of musical experimentation!!! (26/04/14)


David Lynch’s ‘Elephant Man’


A short clip from 1953 silent film ‘Little Fugitive’┬ádirected by Ray Ashley