IMG_0708A big thank you to la Fédération Musicale de Franche-Comté and Conductors this weekend (1st & 2nd December).

I have just had a wonderful and intense weekend working with French conductors on my music. The weekend was organised by la Fédération Musicale de Franche-Comté organised by their inspiring Artistic Director and conductor Miguel Etchegoncelay. Congratulations to conductors’ Antoine Salvi, Antoine Rabut, Laurent Silvant and Celine Pellmont for their professional and enthusiastic work on my pieces (Earthrise & Tilbury Point). The weekend was held in two locations, Befort in the Franche-Comté région and Strasbourg where all IMG_0705conductors worked with the Conservatoire Strasbourg Brass Band. We also had much time to discuss repertoire and the roll of conductor as communicator and musician as well as how to ensure the future of our musical heritage both in France and elsewhere. It is always a joy to learn how others make music – Thank you to one and all!!