Unknown“A Musical Murder Mystery At The Bates Motel” written for the A4 Brass Quartet by Nigel has just been released on cd  – Other composers featured are Oliver Waespi, Jonathan Bates, Edward Greyson, Martin Ellerby, Robert Bushnell and Thomas Doss. The performers in A4 Brass Quartet are Jamie Smith (Cornet), Jonathan Bates (Tenor Horn), Mike Cavanagh (Baritone) and Chris Robertson (Euphonium). “A Musical Murder Mystery At The Bates Motel” is a short humorous work written as an encore for A4 Brass Quartet. The story of the piece is that a small benign winged insect flies inadvertently in to a motel where the proprietor tries to swat the creature in frustration. It is obvious who wins in the end, but for the listener it’s a musical “whodunit”i.e. which composer killed which composer? No prizes for the answer, unless A4 Brass Quartet are feeling generous!!

Nigel’s work was recently premiered by A4 Brass Quartet at the at the Royal Northern College of Music’s Festival of Brass Bands at the end of January.