UnknownHere is today’s offering of musical fun(!) with Harmen Vanhoorne on Cornet – The result is a revamp of material from my concerto `Mysteries of the Horizon’ turned in to a work for Cornet/Trumpet & Sound Design – it’s new alter ego is entitled  “The Exotic Dream of the Wonderful Monsieur Magritte”. Harmen gave the premiere performance of this work last month at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. I hope that René Magritte the inspiration for my concerto would have approved of my surrealist dream! Harmen plans to record this work professionally in the near future. There is also a solo version based on material from my concerto called “A Magritte Fantasy” which was recently premiered in Liverpool by Brendan Ball (Trumpet) .

“The Exotic Dream of the Wonderful Monsieur Magritte” for Trumpet & Sound Design.
Harmen Vanhoorne (Cornet)